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Interview | Five Minutes with rising electronic duo UHURU

We had an opportunity to chat with brand new Electronic duo Uhuru after they performed at our bi-monthly event Music Revolution on 31st March 2016 in Stoke Newington’s Stereo92.  We spoke about their influences , and where they hope to go with their music.

Introduce yourselves to our readers ? 
We’re an electronic duo made up of (myself) Connor Daniel and Rob Jones producing Future/2step music. We’re both 20 and studying music production at The Academy of Contemporary Music, Guildford.  We chose the name UHURU as I (Connor) am half Kenyan and was born and raised in Mombasa. It means freedom.
At what point did you decide that you would immerse yourselves in the world of music ? 
For me personally (Connor), I started at 14 when my older brother got me Fruity Loops Studio. I instantly fell in love with producing original tracks and remixes and started off producing Dubstep flips of my favourite artists. I met Rob at college and decided it would be a cool idea to start an electronic band, which we did in 2014. 
What has been your most difficult moment thus far ? 
When the owners of the Holi One Colour Festivals approached us to play! He told us he needed three new tracks to prove to him we could hold the attention of 17,000 people for an hour slot at Wembley Park, London. I think I must’ve spent the entire weekend locked in my room producing the three tracks and it paid off as he then booked us to tour all over the UK, Dublin and Paris with them two years in a row!
What influences do you draw on to create your music ? 
A lot of the time, I get inspired by listening to a new track by one of my favourite producers. These guys are at the forefront of the genre so I’m constantly aiming to make our productions stand out and be at that same standard. 
What was the defining album for you that made you get goosebumps and want to create a unique sound ? 
I’d say Kanye West – The College Dropout for sure. I don’t think I go a week without listening to at least one track off this album! What Kanye was doing with sampling back then was so special and I had never heard anything like it before. I should also say that from a young age I’ve always been inspired by Michael Jackson, especially when he worked with Quincy Jones; the melodies, basslines and string sections on their tracks blew me away. The albums Thriller, Bad and Off the Wall are still incredible today. On a more recent note, Kendrick Lamar’s ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’ is in my opinion, the best album of the decade. And that was really difficult for me to admit because I love everything that Kanye has ever released too! 
Is juggling university and music difficult for you ? 
Very. Both Rob and I are on a 3 year course that has been crammed into 2 years so its very intense. Fortunately, we’re at a uni solely dedicated to music so this makes life a lot easier! 
Who are you listening to a lot at the moment ? 
I’m loving what Mura Masa and Nao are doing right now. Also listening to more underground Future Hip-Hop artists like Lido, Louie Lastic and Sam Gellaitry. And again, always a lot of Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar!
What was the inspiration behind the track ‘’ Remedy’’ ? 
I feel so cringey writing this… but its about those experiences when someone can make all the difference. The hook line in the track says ‘you hold the remedy’, I wrote this with the hope that people could relate to that special someone making everything better. 
Did you enjoy your recent performance at Music Revolution via Stereo 92 ? 
Absolutely, it was great fun! Thank you for including us in your line-up! I really enjoyed everyone’s sets. It’s always nice to listen to a bunch of different genres being showcased at one event.
Any plans for 2016 ? 
We just want to carry on gigging regularly whilst releasing good music. And of course another busy year at uni. Obviously the goal is to eventually get signed and have our music heard by a much bigger audience.
Is there an album coming ? 
Definitely! However I think it will be in the form of a couple of EP’s rather than an album. Hopefully this way we could get some traffic from the EP’s and continue to build our following!
Stream Remedy Now on Soundcloud 

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