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Interview | Five Minutes with alternative Producer SniteVille

I have been avidly following the career of a young black African American alternative producer called Snite-ville , whose work ethic and ability to create cinematic sounds has done nothing but astound me. I managed to catch up with him and ask some questions about everything he is doing and where he is going.

Hi , How are you doing ?

I am great thanks. it has been quite the journey and loving it musically

What programs do you use to create your music ?

When creating music the main software I use is Logic Pro and recently I have just started working in Ableton.

Who influenced you musically ?

In terms of who influenced me as in starting off, I would have to go with a trio of artists from London U.K Producer Vol, Nick Major(Business) and Patrick Herlihy (Producer). I always used to watch them make music in their home studio and I just decided to play around with their equipment. they influenced me to dabble more into the production side of things and I never looked back

What do you think will be the next big sound ? 

That’s  really good question. Currently we all know the 808 sound is running things but  I have also been noticing Chill step making a big wave which I am very much happy about. I have been noticing R&B coming back in a new sound from the Guys of Soulection, blending 90’s vocals within modern sound. It’s quite soothing. I have also been noticing a trend of dubstep elements incorporated in hiphop as well , which is a style as you can tell I love using. So it’s really hard to say where the next sound is because music is universal but if you want me to bet on it.  I would say Chill step got next.


What have you been doing since your last project ? 

Since my last project I have been working on my new project and I have been doing production work for other people like Celeste(California) ,Chub Heightz (Botswana) , VH (Botswana) , Anna Hlin (Norway) , El Speaker (France) ,Joe Martin (Houston,TX) and much more. I love collaborating, it keeps me afloat.

Tell us your biggest achievement thus far ?

I guess the biggest thus far is being part of a production team working on Celeste’s EP , which I am proud to be part of with a Grammy winning engineer and an awesome whole group in all to be apart of. The rest I would rather not say until the projects are out.


What is the name of your next project and what lead to its conception ?

The next Project I am working on is an EP called “Wanderlust” which basically means to travel or voyage. This project is basically a blend of different genres in one to hypnotise and sooth the listener or dance if they want. The reason I named it Wanderlust is because as a traveller you can never be conformed to one groove because you are always learning hence the blend of different genres in one project.

Any interesting collaborations that we should know about ?

Well I have been working with a few here and there but I guess it’s all about timing. Currently working with two awesome vocalists from Houston,Texas and several producers. So all I will say is Houston has talent.


What’s next for you ?

What’s next for me is preparing for my album, which is going to be quite the journey. its exciting and I know its going to be a lot of pressure but hey I work best under pressure.


Any interesting facts we should know about ?

I do tax auditing haha. I actually have a qualification in it. I speak Setswana (Southern African language) quite well. I love to travel, I kick box and I collect finger puppet toys (yeah I know but we all have an inner child inside of us).


Where can people find you ?

Well you can find my singles out on all music platforms (iTunes, amazon, spotify, beats, apple music etc).

Just search “SniteVille”

Music and compilation (free music compilations)

Social media

production page for IG

Contact or Business


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