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Interview | Five Minutes with Anglo-Scandi Dream-Pop band White Fever

It was one of those late nights and an email pings through with links to this Anglo-Scandi Dream-Pop  band called White Fever. I quickly grabbed my Bose headphones and heard these lush sounds travelling to my ear drum.  I scheduled an interview with them and the rest is history.

Hello , how are you ?
Hi, very well thanks – just in our studio working on some songs.

Can you all introduce yourselves and your role in the band ?
My name is Ida, I sing and play guitar.
My name is Joe  and I play bass and sing backing vocals.
My name is Sean and I am the lead guitarist. I  sing backing vocals.  My name is Josh and I play the drums.

Killing Kind

So how and when did you come together to create the band White Fever ?
We started playing together two years ago. I got in touch with Josh and recruited Joe from Beyond Retro, where I was working at the time. We had a blind date with Sean and instantly hit it off; the rest is history…

Why did you call yourselves White Fever ?
I was in the French Alps stuck in a snow storm. My previous band had just come to an end and I was thinking about what to do next. I was feeling pretty gloomy and the words ‘white fever’ seemed to describe the situation and how I was feeling in that moment. The idea for a band name was born there and then.

Whats the process for creating music in your band ?
Joe, Sean and Ida all write the music. We’ll either bring in finished songs or write all together as a band in the studio.

What did you mean by the ‘’ Killing Kind’’ and what inspired it ?

The Killing Kind is about acting on an impulse and not thinking about the consequences. Looking back on it there’s probably a bit of a Stevie Nicks influence on the harmonies and perhaps a hint of Echo and the Bunnymen lyrically.

What has been your best live experience thus far ?
We were lucky enough to play to a sold-out Scala supporting San Cisco. It was only our second gig so it was pretty surreal to play to a thousand people so early on. Another great show was at Electrowerkz with Oscar And The Wolf.
As independent artists , does streaming benefit you ?
Yes it definitely does. Spotify has been really amazing for us. We got a couple of songs on a few of their playlists which instantly spread our music worldwide. We’ve got around half a million plays on there so far. We didn’t expect to make any money from streaming but we’ve actually accumulated enough to finance our next release now, which is really helpful. We’re big fans of streaming, it really helps smaller bands to get heard.

Do you have any new collaborations coming soon ?
We have a few things in the pipeline, just waiting for confirmation…

Will you be going on tour ?
A Scandinavian tour is on the cards. We had it booked for this autumn but had to postpone it as a lot of things are happening here in London for us at the moment.

Tell us an interesting fact about your band ? 
Joe is a limbo champion and has recently also been crowned Hackney’s best dancer at an Elvis hip-shaking contest. If you want to see it for yourself then catch us and Joe’s hips at Hoxton Bar and Grill on the 5th of September.

Where can people find you ?
You can find us at and on Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes.
Peace and Love x

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