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Interview | Five minutes with German/Russian songstress Lenny Pojarov

I had a chat with German / Russian songstress Lenny Pojarov about her earliest encounter with music , her influences and her Drama EP.

Guten Tag , How are you  ?

Hey, guten Tag and добрый день (since I’m Russian ;-)) as well as bonjour and buenos dias (since I’m cosmopolitan). I’m fine, thanks!

Can you remember the earliest encounter you had with music ?

Haha, I remember my brother’s graduation ball where I (9 years old by that time) sang an acapella to some 2,000 people. It was surreal…

Who has been your biggest influence in music ?

That’s really hard to say. I’m inspired by David Guetta’s positive stage appearance and sexy beats just as much as by Chaikowsky’s beautiful and challenging piano concertos.

I think the person who I learned from the most was Alicia Keys and Lenny Kravitz. What I learned is: music is timeless, there hardly is something more beautiful than an intimate performance of a song just by your voice and the instrument you play.

cover326x326Why did you call your EP ”Drama 2.0”?

Well, life is a rollercoaster, especially as an artist.

Drama to me is a whole spectrum of emotions – both positive AND negative. Since all songs on the record are autobiographical and as for me, I’ve been on a rollercoaster (BIG TIME) for basically all my life, I decided to summarise them under the name ”Drama”.

”2.0” symbolises the digital aspect of the record since it’s only available online.

There was a limited hard-copy edition of some 3,000 CDs though – sold out! 😉

What is ‘’ Ray’’ all about ?

Ray” is about falling in love head over heels and about how these emotions AND this particular person light up your life even in the middle of a fiercely cold month of February.

Describe your daily routine when in the process of writing and recording new music ?

Oh, to be honest, I don’t have a routine. Sometimes a lyric, a line, a melody or a riff just ”comes” to me, sometimes I get inspired by what colleagues (DJs) send me to work on, sometimes I really have to pin myself down and create something.

What interests you the most when composing a song ?

Well, music to me is the most powerful channel to express emotions and to ”feed“ people (the audience) on an emotional level. Energy flows from me to the audience and from them back to me, it’s awesome!

Why did you write and perform ‘’ When I see you ‘’ ?

Well, I wrote it FOR the audience and for the fans. Since without them, I would not be standing on stage performing for them and being granted the gift of their love and energy, I figured it was about time to say ”THANK YOU!”.

When will it be available for release ?

It’s been available since July, 10th and it hit the top 20 of the German Dance Charts in the first week. I’m so happy!


Do you have any live dates coming soon ?

Oh yes, some nice shows have been lined up for the next couple of weeks.

In the first place, I would like to thank my students for yesterday’s (August, 23.) unbelievably powerful and love-charged show at the tenth anniversary of the RST-Open-Air in Cologne. Not only were we the opening act to one of the most famous bands from Cologne named Cat Ballou. We also performed When I See You together which was a great experience.

On September 5th, I will be performing at ”KTHC Stadion Rot-Weiss’s” first ever official summer party. KTHC is one of Germany’s most renowned tennis clubs. My boyfriend Philipp Born (who coached Sabine Lisicki to her first victory after 2 years in Hong Kong back in 2014) and Dustin Brown (who beat Rafa in Wimbledon 2015) play in the men’s team. The event is going to be huge, but since it’s the FIRST one in the club’s history, it’s been sold out for weeks already.

On September 7th, my dear friend and colleague Armin Ziegler will be showcasing some of his material at YUCA in Cologne. I’m joining him on that one and I’m thrilled to play ”When I See You“ with a full live band for the very first time ever. Also, my highly talented and sexy choreographer Nicole Thieme, another dancer and myself have a hot little surprise for the audience, too.

The link:

On September 16th, I’ll be back at the ”RIFF” club in Bochum sharing the stage with my dear Pamela Falcon (from NY) and band, also performing ”When I See You” as well as DRAMA 2.0 etc.

Stay tuned… 🙂

Any interesting facts about you we should know ?

Haha, I’m a fitness addict. I don’t think they say ”Mens sana in corpore sana” for nothing. Working out keeps me focused, grounded, strong and in shape for what I’m doing as a musician. Plus it grants me a nice level of endurance for on- and off-stage moments.

Where can people find you online ?

Oh, there are some options 😉

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