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Interview | Five Minutes with Italian Rock ‘N’ Roll artist Franc Cinelli

Franc Cinelli is a rock ‘n’roll artist born in Italy and raised in London.His introduction to music came from his mother’s record collection ,  which included Paul Simon , Bruce Springsteen , Bob Dylan and   The Police. Franc Cinelli spoke to us about where it all began , his  current direction and the brand new album ”Marvel Age”. 


Hello Franc , how are you doing ?

I’m great thanks. Getting ready for the release of “The Marvel Age’ in a couple of weeks so it’s a very busy month, the record is out on my own label SongCircle Records so I’m sat behind a desk right now. Rock n roll.
Who were your musical influences and why ?

I was very lucky growing up because even though there wasn’t a huge record collection but it was an amazing one (for me anyway!) so all the records I heard when I was really young, 8/9/10 years old; Springsteen , the police , Led Zep , Dylan, Paul simon. They’ve all had a lasting impression on me and are a big part of my songwriting if not my records. Right now I listen to a lot of the sahara blues / desert music. Its just so absorbing. It sounds like John Lee Hooker playing Led Zeppelin III ! Ali Farka Touré,  Tinariwen, Tamikrest , blown away.

Franc Cinelli
What have you been up to since the last project you released ?

I’ve been on the road. I played about 200 shows for the last record and a lot of what i saw and who I met on that tour made its way into the new record The Marvel Age. I’ve also been putting my studio together, SongCircle which is sounding great and where I made The marvel Age.

What inspired your last project I Have Not Yet Begun To Fight ? How was your tour and what did you learn from it ?

For the last record I really wanted to try and write some third person narratives something that i’d never really tried doing before. It’s great to try and push yourself to do new things otherwise you end up just going round in circles and writing the same song! The tour was amazing, as i mentioned it sparked off this new record in which again i’ve tried to take the writing to a slightly different place and its got a bit more kick this one. it feels right.
What was the best response you received while on tour ?
Well I played some shows at the Royal Albert hall and those went down pretty great.

What is your thought process when constructing a song ?

It really depends there’s no set way I will go about writing. Sometimes it’s a guitar part that I really like and I try and fit a song around that but really the song remains all about the lyrical content and I’m finding more and more that that comes when i’m away from the guitar, not even thinking about writing a song. then something just flashes , it might be a word or a thought and i’ll jump on it and then the hard work begins.
Do you have any special rituals that you perform before you record ? 

No special rituals, I just try and stay on the right side of a couple of drinks!

Why did you call your latest effort ‘’ Marvel Age’’ ?

Because this is what this record feels like for me. I was able to dig out the songs and the sound I wanted , not just writing but also recording and producing myself with the help of my band so I just feel like anything is possible right now and to tell you the truth I’m already looking forward to tucking in on the next one.

What is Alchemy about ?

Love and the courage it requires.

Do you have any live dates coming soon ?

Yes , we’re playing some dates in November in Italy. I’m easing myself into the touring this time round though no doubt at some point I’ll be out for a while.
Where can people purchase the album ?

At their local record shop! and from my site and all good retailers! (i’ve always wanted to say that)
And before we go , who would you love to collaborate with ? 

Justin Adams, guitarist & producer. I’ve learned a lot from his work.


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