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Interview | Five minutes with Classic Rock band ”Warme”

Warme is a band full of energy, producing songs that echo classic rock style. It has not been plain sailing for them since they formed in 2003. Bravely, the band took the decision to split for a while, in order to remain loyal to their style. They have recently formed again, released a single and are working on an album showcasing their unique rock sound. Recently, I chatted to lead singer, Lee Walsh, about the band’s music, influences and the reasons behind their sabbatical.

How did the band (Lee Walsh, lead vocals; Craig Hamilton, guitar; Jamie Hamilton, guitar; Mcawley Haywood, bass guitar; Dan Hudson, drums) originally meet and start playing together?

We are all mates from the same estate really. I remember all being up at Craig and Jamie’s one day there was about ten of us in the house watching the football having a beer, listening to some tunes and stuff. Then Craig said, “I can play that.” I can’t even remember what song it was. I said, “play what? You can’t play the guitar.” “Yes I can,” he said. He goes off, in ten minutes comes back with his dad’s old acoustic and starts playing all this stuff, class. Over a period he taught us all, then we started the nightmare that is finding a drummer, which we did and he was the first of about nine but he left as most of them can’t handle it for various reasons. We started rehearsals and stuff playing loads of different covers and then started doing our own which was a bit shit at first. So we said, “right if we are gonna do it, we go seven nights a week full on” which we did for about four years.

Why did the band take a break and what made them decide to start releasing new material again now?

We took a sabbatical because we needed to get out for a bit due to some people trying to take the p*** with various things to do with money. It wasn’t the people that were behind us, it was more the people in front of us. We decided we needed to finish our record and were determined to do, so that’s why we got back .

With the release of the single Monday Comedown in June, are there plans now for an album?

Yeah most definitely. We are currently coming to the end of recording now so probably out early next year. We also have another single to be released around October/November, it’s sounding ace at the moment. 

Warmes sound creates a live music atmosphere, even in recording, has the band consciously tried to make the listener always feel as though they’re at a gig?

I think we just try and replicate what we are all about, which is very good live and try to keep it as it is really. No b***s**t just play, get it on the record, but thanks for that.

Paul Weller and Thin Lizzy are mentioned as influences on Warmes’ music, but which end of the rock music spectrum does the band draw from most?

I don’t think we draw from anyone the most it’s quite difficult to say who’s your biggest influence as there are so many in our genre. But if I was to pick from those it would be Weller for the clothes he’s cool man, as I can’t see myself walking round in what Thin Lizzy used to wear, I’d probably get arrested.

Having watched the video for the single it is made apparent what the single is about. Do you think that the best lyrics and themes come out of normal everyday subjects?

Completely!  Everything we write about is from real life experiences (mostly to do with drink or excess). It’s about life, death, love, war, beer, cigs, football, music, having beans on toast. If you don’t, it doesn’t mean anything.

Not to try and cause any arguments in the band, but what do you think is the most important element of a rock song, melody or beat? Is this your starting point for a tune?

Melody probably is the one but it depends what mood I’m in. The songs just come from nowhere, trust me you could be sat on the toilet and this song comes, you’ve got to be quick man.  Get to that guitar, record it!  They tend to be the best ones, the ones that take about ten minutes to write.

Then you might have a good verse or chorus/ bridge, log it down and wait till you can find something that comes. Or sometimes its a case of playing the acoustic for a couple of hours and record it, see what comes out. A lot of times we jam and I’ll write a song there and then.

Your music has strong elements of 80s style and classic rock, do you think in general on the rock scene there is currently a revival of this kind of music?

The only bands I want to be connected with from the ’80s are The Jam or U2. We are more classic rock from the ’60s, ’70s, ’90s I’d say; The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Jam, U2, Thin Lizzy, Oasis and more but I think generally the ’80s was the worst decade for music.

Finally, what is the band’s favourite artist or album of all time?

Now someone asked me this the other day and it’s the hardest question. I could name loads from the artists I’ve mentioned. But I’ve gotta say Paul Weller’s ’93 album, Wild Wood, is absolutely class so is his ’94 release, Live Wood, we spent days weeks hours watching that. I so love that record !!

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Written by Esther Hayden

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