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Interview | Five Minutes with WhiteMoor’s Barrington Mole

Having released their album ‘Pause and Effect’ in July, I talked to the founder of WhiteMoor, Barrington Mole about the band, its music and the general vibe of the modern music industry.

In three words, how would you describe WhiteMoors sound to someone who hadn’t heard your tunes?

Different, Interesting and Anthemic.


The bands newest release has a different, more pop like vibe to previous tunes. What made you decide to take this new direction?

I think the different sound was something we had wanted to do for a while, and the writing of ‘Pause and Effect’ was extremely different from our past albums, we originally wrote this album for a very well known major US label who wanted to put out our third album off the back of the success of our first two, however we at the time had used up all of our material on our previous albums so we began a 6 month writing spree, spurred on by the interest of the US major we wrote what we feel is our finest album to date, demo’d the tracks and sent them over for their critique, only to find out the A&R representative we had been dealing with was no longer involved with the label and had apparently disappeared off the face of the earth! Undeterred by this we sent the demos off to a number of other labels and were offered the opportunity to record and release the record with the same indie label (Sound-Hub) who had released our previous albums, so we set about recording ‘Pause and Effect’ around 18 months ago and here we are.

How did the band meet?

We met via the Derby music scene in late 2009, my band ‘Ejectorseat’ split around the same time as Benny and Luke’s band ‘The Beau Peepshow’ so it seemed a good idea to join forces, thus WhiteMoor was born.

What are WhiteMoors musical icons or inspirations?

Both myself and Benny are very much inspired by (and in awe of) Noel Gallagher, although from a guitarists point of view I’m inspired by the riffs and tones of Johnny Marr and REM’s Peter Buck.

As the founder of the band, what would you say is the key for a band to work  well together? 

I tend to write most of our tracks nowadays. I usually come up with some chord progressions, drum beats and bass lines, and I show them to the rest of the band. Everyone will put their own spin on things, and then Benny will take the track away and change the key about six times! More importantly, he’ll also add the vocal melody and the lyrics. We do occasionally write together, though – there’s a track called Masquerade on the new album that was just jammed out in the studio, which was fun.
I’d say the main ‘key’ to keeping a band together and happy is everyone enjoying what they are doing, there’s no point in chasing fame or expecting huge financial rewards from playing music so its important people enjoy the whole process of writing, recording and performing.

Do you think that the music industry is becoming harder for bands to get known and get their music heard?

Yeah absolutely, the industry is completely over saturated, so a release without proper promotion will mostly end up being white noise. It’s important to start with a decent product though, get your songs well rehearsed then recorded in a proper studio by proper producers. Then at least you’re giving yourself the best shot at making a success of it, if you are lucky enough to get reviews and radio play. Unfortunately it is extremely difficult to do in todays music business without investing around £2k in media teams and radio pluggers.

What do you prefer –  playing live or recording in the studio?

I used to prefer playing live, but over the last few years I’ve been working heavily with Sound-Hub Records, developing and producing bands for the roster, so I’m really enjoying being the other side of the mixing desk and really getting into the production side of things. I actually recorded and produced ‘Pause and Effect’.

Has WhiteMoor got any live gigs coming up?

You can catch us live at The Venue, Derby on Thursday 10th September with support from NYTCLUB, Aztecs ad Paper Shop Dave as part of their Radar Love night.


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