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Review | Jordan James – ‘Love Waves’ (EP)



Taking traditional R’n’B sounds and mixing them with modern electro, Jordan James has produced something quite special for his debut EP ‘Love Waves’.

Over the course of these four tracks, James deals with the issues surrounding love. Starting with beats resembling a heartbeat, a lounge vibe kicks in with a deep bass line and hi-hat cymbal, backed by the soulful vocals of James on EP opener ‘Cruisin’. His Layered vocals create a richer, bigger sound, though the mood is chilled taking nostalgia tinged R’n’B and reworking it for today.

Swirling high pitched synth and tribal plucked strings mixed with a pounded beat on ‘Regina’s Interlude’. A swaying uptempo rhythm is present before everything is taken down to a minimal just heard noise which plays out.

Quick handclaps and shushing accents are the basis of ‘Loving In Sin’, upon which, ambient synth ebbs and flows round wonderful vocals evocative of the tones of Sampha. It changes pace towards the end slowing down, almost lethargic with the drawn out sounds.

Closer ‘Fill Me In’ comprises of distorted electro and vocals and quick cut off beats taking us to a chorus of James’ hushed vocals and fast electronic drums. There’s a chilled 90’s R’n’B vibe and the chorus samples lyrics from Craig David’s ‘Can You Fill Me In’. This is a really good end to an excellent EP showcasing some unique sounds and the clear talent, that Jordan James has. | |

Written by Charlotte Pearson

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