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Kase Sounds: “I feel that the gospel industry in the UK is really lacking”

Kase Sounds decided to quit his job as a London Metropolitan Police Officer and pursue his God given calling; to minister people about Jesus through music. Facing the challenge of being unemployed for almost a year, Kase stuck to his faith in God and relied on him as his motivation, believing that he will surely get him through this challenging period in his life.

Kase had in the past, released two secular singles. But he decided that his struggle should be his message as this would help people who are also facing problems in their lives. “The move from secular to gospel is directly in line with my relationship with God. As I grew up in the church, playing instruments, I never quite knew who i was and what my identity in Christ was. As my relationship with God grew and my faith became stronger, the songs I started writing started to reflect this change in me”.

Our God Is In Control‘ is an immensely impressive effort from Kase Sounds. Kase has a unique and distinctive sound that will set him apart from the rest. It’s relaxing smooth undertones, encourages and uplifts the listener to keep their faith in God, knowing that he is fully in control of any obstacle they may be experiencing. ” I was in the studio and the producer started playing the chord sequence and humming a melody. This became the melody for the verses. I went home that day excited and put pen to paper. At that stage, I was frustrated when it came to my music.I was facing alot of rejection and delay. I didn’t know how, when, through who, in which way my change would come but I knew somehow amd someday God would make a way where there seems to be no way” says Kase.

Although he describes his greatest challenge as being “two fold”, trying to pursue a gospel career, Kase has overcome many obstacles as an unsigned artist. “….money! Everything costs; from recording, getting flyers and artwork done, music videos etc,. and when you are unsigned with no management like me, everything comes from the same pot. So quite often it can be very limiting and frustrating, knowing that your hands are sort of tied, and not because you don’t have the ability to do something, but because you just don’t have the money! Secondly, the support. Many people support with their mouths but when it comes down to it, it becomes another thing altogether. It seems people only celebrate the celebrated”.

“I feel that the gospel industry in the UK is really lacking. In fact, I would be so brave as to say that we don’t have an industry! There are small pockets of individuals making attempts, but quite often it feels like we are pulling in different directions. There’s so much to be said on this issue. We could be here all day (laughs).” he adds.

With hope, faith, life and love as his main message through his music, Kase has been received well by the gospel industry. “I’m still making baby steps and also praying into my ministry. It’s been so far so good. I tend to be better received when live. You can’t beat live music! With music being so disposable now and lots of sources and outlets/streaming, it doesn’t take much for someone to listen to the first 5 seconds of a track, decide they don’t like it and then move on to the next one. The music industry in general has changed alot. Attention of the audience is the new currency!”

So what would be this newcomer’s advice to other artists in a similar position? “I would say firstly to be sure that this is really what you want to do. There is a difference between passion and a calling. Many begin and quickly realise when things get tough whether for them it’s just a passion or a calling. Tough times seperates the men from the boys! Along your journey you will meet lots of people – you need to try and realise very quickly who is in your life to stay, and who is there just for a season. Invest in yourself and your music, and think of your music as your baby. See it as long term and not as a quick fix to get some money or exposure. It fades!”

The single ‘Our God Is In Control’ is out now via iTunes!|

Written by Vanessa Sarpong

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