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kyren shows Potential For Greatness on new single ”Heartbreaker”

Around the 14-second mark, Kyren begins appealing to a causal pop music listener with her classic callout and a slow trap beat. At this point, the average 2020 listener may not be interested, but it’s the beat that follows at the 27-second mark that may take the cake for many. The R&B vocals and the trap beat combine well to become a Tik Tok hit. The lyrics, on the other hand, may appeal to those looking for a nostalgic feel. Moving past an abusive relationship and not giving up on love combines both, the old and the new era into a song ready to be commercialized. 

The Louisville, Kentucky native gives an uplifting vocal performance, and as mentioned, there is a hint of nostalgia for those of you who’s golden days were circa 2000’s. And yet, something seems amiss. The production seems to be mimicking that of a backyard session.

I believe given the right environment, Kyren’s “Heartbreaker” has the potential to be a big hit in today’s world, appealing to millennials and Gen Z’ers alike. Right now, lyrically, it appeals to the former but is instrumentally lacklustre for the latter. Due to the low production value, the verve and ingenuity that today’s picky listeners demand seem to be missing; and thus, it might get lost in the sea of today’s competition.“Heartbreaker” demonstrates that Kyren is capable of writing good music and delivering it quite well, too, but has a way to go when it comes to the production quality. This track could possibly be her first step towards greatness, albeit an awkward one. Maybe with a good studio or equipment, Kyren could rework this song and give everyone the opportunity to hear and love what she intended with this song.

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