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Led Zeppelin- 2014s Song Writers Hall of Fame nominees

Forty-five years in the making, and it’s about time Led Zeppelin were recognised for their musical presence; and what better way can you celebrate with a place in the Song Writers Hall of Fame.

The continued success of guitarist Jimmy Page, singer Robert Plant, bassist and keyboardist John Paul Jones, and drummer John Bonham began in the late 60s. And yes it’s true, age really does make something mature better. Something richer. And something epic which Led Zeppelin truly expresses.

It’s a band that most recognise – even if it’s just the name. Having produced nine albums the band represents British rock in in a fabulous format. And like any British rock band they never seem to fade, they somehow master a way to live on and continue to endlessly entertain.

Their music is so powerful that even after 40 years their albums are still able to make a b-line on UK charts. The album ‘Led Zeppelin VI’ (which resurfaced back in 2011) celebrates 40 years of musical ingenuity.The classic ‘stairway to heaven’ (1971) is possibly the greatest (and longest) rock song that was ever crafted.

It’s not hard to see why Led Zeppelin has been nominated. Each album and song produced was pumped with dedication and effort, constructed into the fabric of the musical creation. They mastered good old fashioned English Rock’n’Roll and truly represent their British roots. The songs often with a rough edge that is the niche musical style of Led Zeppelin.

The amazing sounds of this band has even been recognised in the film world, with ‘The Immigrant Song’ appearing in none other than Dream Works ‘Shrek the Third.’ This is clearly an indicator that even the smallest of children can relate to genius lyrics and musical production, that Page and Plant has given to us. Led Zeppelin are musical inspirations, they have entertained the ears of many generations, and their fan base still continues to grow.

Having been nominated alongside the likes of Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and Kinks lead singer Ray Davies, Led Zeppelin are deserving of such an award. The results for the 2014 award will be announced in June, and fingers crossed this 60’s band will make a monumental stance in the world of music and will hold a place in the Song Writers Hall of Fame.

Written by Katie Hetherington

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