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Lil Kim anounces new mixtape – should we be excited?

Earlier this month, Lil’ Kim announced details of her new mixtape ‘Hard Core: Back 2 Da Streets’, set to be released next month. But, should we be excited about the release?

Lil’ Kim is one of the best female rappers of all time and is focused on making a major comeback this year.

The Queen Bee is not only known as the protégé of the late Notorious B.I.G., but she is also a certified hip-hop legend. She rose to fame in the mid 90’s as a member of the hip-hop group Junior M.A.F.I.A., and is the only female rapper (besides Missy Elliott) to have at least 3 Platinum albums: Hard Core, The Notorious K.I.M. and La Bella Mafia. The original queen of hip-hop in the nineties has been working on her fifth solo album since 2010. The album has experienced several delays due to the rappers’ contractual issues, but Kim kept her fans happy by releasing the lukewarm mixtape ‘Black Friday’ in 2011.

When Kim announced her new mixtape ‘Hard Core 2K 13’ due to release next month, the response was mixed. Her loyal fans were anticipating the release, but others were still unsure about her comeback as her last mixtape ‘Black Friday’ was met with mixed reviews, and her single ‘Look Like Money’ [June 2013] was considered a failure. But with over 1 million followers on Twitter and nearly 2 million likes on Facebook, Lil’ Kim has a strong fan base. She is well respected by her peers and has a secret weapon in Tiffany Foxx, a young female rapper from St. Louis, Missouri who Kim signed in 2012 to challenge and take over Nicki Minaj’s audience.

Although she has denied it in the past, Lil’ Kim’s drastic and obvious plastic surgery cannot be ignored; maybe her new look overshadows her talents? – It will be difficult for fans to pay attention to Kim’s new music, as most people tend to judge a female rappers appearance rather than their lyrical ability. Lil’ Kim is lyrically on par with a lot of male rappers, but she is famous for being one of the first female rappers to raise the bar when it came to raunchy lyrics in hip-hop.

They say every Queen’s reign ends; but The Queen Bee is a rap legend. She is probably the most talented female rapper of all time – so therefore she’s capable of making a comeback. Although some iconic rappers have failed to make a comeback in the past (e.g Ja Rule, LL Cool J, Shyne), if Kim chooses the right radio single to promote ‘Hard Core 2K13’ with a strong marketing strategy and the right people behind her, to push her to the next level, she will make a victorious comeback – long live the Queen!

‘Hard Core 2K13: Back 2 Da Streets’ is out on October 3

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