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Review | Liz Lawrence – ‘Bedroom Hero’ (Album)

Liz Lawrence

With a history of punk and ska, Liz Lawrence has a refreshing acoustic sound on her debut album Bedroom Hero.

It’s opening title track Bedroom Hero is a solemn yet soothing song, followed by ‘Oo Song’, an immediately catchy tune. The opening chords strike a resemblance to that of Jason Mraz’s ‘I’m Yours‘ before Liz’s Adele-like voice comes in, resulting in a mood lifting and calming effect. The album as a whole is the perfect calming music to relax to, whilst occasionally Liz manages to deliver some uplifting tracks. It is clear through listening to the album that Liz’s potential is yet to be reached, with such raw vocal talent and years of guitar experience it will be exciting to see what she does next.|||

Written by Maya Kellermann

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