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Review | Marie Dahlstrom – ‘Renditions’ (EP)

Be swayed into deep thought of young love and sweet yearnings. Renditions, the soulful sound of Scandinavian sensuality by Marie Dahlstrom will take you there.

Witness Dahlstrom – an exceptionally gifted vocalist, songwriter and arranger from Denmark now residing in London. Her distinctive tone and vocal stylings have set her apart from others, but it’s her newly released EP ‘Renditions‘ that has truly raised the bar. It’s a hypnotic melange of r&b, jazz, and folk cover tracks that are complemented by mellow yet torchy soul groove that defies categorisation.

The EP is tactically introduced by the Bon Iver cover and crowd pleaser, ‘Perth‘. Light piano keys set the mood in anticipation of Dahlstrom’s effortless runs heavy on reverb. The soft ballad is complemented by a soothed sax on the hook sending Renditions on an ambitious step in the right direction. Neighboured by one of two live tracks is ‘In The Air‘, a Phil Collins remake and in likeness, the second live piece (bonus track) titled ‘Search‘ – both sound as though studio prepared in sound clarity.

Dahlstrom eagerly shares the spotlight taking the record to its peak with a pair of vocal collaborations. Track four in particular shines, the song originally performed by Rihanna is none other than ‘Loveeee Song’. The interpretation features Marie Sane and has a playfully seductive twist. The tempting chant is framed by down-reaching harmonies and noticeable bass for further depth. Laughter is heard mid track indicating the carefree atmosphere in the studio and contributing to the EP’s warmth.

There’s really nothing that fails this project. Dahlstrom is confident in her craft and it is truly reflected in this record. Smoother than any Sunday afternoon, Marie Dahlstrom’s Renditions has arrived on schedule.

Written by Jessica Ankomah

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