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A message from Buju Banton

We thought we would share this very strong message from reggae legend Buju Banton.

Speaking from Federal Prison in Miami where he is serving the fifth of his ten year sentence for drug related offences, Buju Banton, in a statement , explains why the “music is suffering and sadness is prevailing.”

“Tell my fans do not be distracted by all the things that are taking place around them, because it is designed to throw them off kilter, to make moral decadence even more widespread than it already is, and plunge people into a state of darkness.”

“They’re trying to reverse the progress that we have made over the years through the music. And now the music is meaningless. It doesn’t stimulate, it doesn’t educate, it doesn’t reinvigorate.”

“All it does is get you angry, because it’s filled with nothing but narcissists exalting themselves over the earthly possessions that they have managed to get. They don’t even have anything, it’s crumbs.”

“Therefore, the music is suffering. The people are suffering. Sadness and gloom is prevailing. It’s widespread. But be patient. Because suffering may endure for the night, but joy cometh in the morning,” Buju’s statement said.

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