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Review | Sullee J – ‘Vicegerent’ (mixtape)

An introspective and current mixtape, Sullee J showcases his ability to paint pictures with words over a selection of solid beats on ‘Vicegerent’.

Sullee J holds his own and sounds as though as he’s been in the game for over a decade, on tracks featuring veteran rappers such as Royce Da 5’9, Ca$his and Canibus.

Out of all the guest features the one that stands out the most is Augusta, Georgia representer Mike Deez on the 25th track “Soul of a Believer” with his unique verse, and lyrical prowess proving that the South does have lyrically talented rappers too. It’s also the best collaboration on the mixtape as both rappers maintain a consistent flow over a hardcore hip-hop beat.

The mixtape intro starts with a surprisingly solid introduction, featuring a sample over a pulsating baseline and an aggressive rapid-fire delivery, that leaves clicking that replay button once – or maybe twice.

Sullee J shines on tracks such as “Gangsta”, “Devil Inside” and “Prayer” but the mixtape does have its flaws, tracks such as “Perfect Crime” and “Good Times” – although they may have more substance than most commercial hip-hop songs. These songs could have been left out of this project.

Throughout Vicegerent, Sullee J provides rhymes with substance (and minus “Perfect Crime” and “Good Times”), he strays away from the standard hip-hop formula with a solid 30-track mixtape that hardcore hip-hop fans will enjoy.|||

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