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Feature | My name is Greg Costello and I am a producer/remixer

Whats up guys this is Greg Costello,  I grew up on the mean streets of Manchester and was exposed to an abundance of great music in my childhood. My earliest memories of music  are of the king of pop Michael jackson.  I had an old FM radio and I would  carry it everywhere with me waiting patiently for one of his songs to come on.  My mum was a massive Motown Fan and would regularly play songs by the commodores, Marvin Gaye and the Supremes where my dad on the other hand was more Rock’n’ Roll ( Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones were frequently played in the house).

Listen to the original track by Rachel Huggins entitled Since You’ve Been Gone , which I recently remixed.

When I create a remix I will always start with the fundamentals i.e. the key of the song, original tempo etc.  Once I have these I will  find a part of the vocal (usually the hook) and build a strong melody around that.  For me the drums are the most important part of the track so I tend to spend a lot of time tweaking and adding small intricacies to mine.  Once I have 16 bars I tend to begin the arranging of the track in house and there will be a small drop half way through the track , a huge build up and a massive drop towards the end.  So keeping this in mind I will find the best way to come to the finally using what have created.
My influences come from many different genres of music and are as follows  Hans Zimmer, Ludovico Einaudi, Claptone, Martinez brothers, Mark Ronson, Kerri Chandler, Nirvana, Neptunes, Chic, Stevie wonder, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Deadmau5, Aphex twin, James Blake and finally  Quincy jones

Here is the final remix of Rachel Huggins Since You’ve Been Gone

Follow me on twitter and be a part of my journey in the world of music.

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