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Review | Natasha North – ‘Gather and Run’ (EP)

Natasha North

Beware music world: London’s got another singer-songwriter emerging from the shadows, everyone’s already in love with her, and there’s a good reason why. Last month, Natasha North released her new EP, Gather and Run, a delightful mix of contemporary and classical that challenges the folk genre.

The EP’s title track and single is an upbeat song of redemption of life. The folky guitar prompts you into a mystic dance, resonant of Celtic rhythms. By the first listen, you’re assuredly going to be humming the chorus. Her violin skills add a quality touch, reflecting her classical background.

‘Relapse’ juxtaposes a sorrowful journey with the melodic, rhythmic guitar beat. While the guitar leads, the percussion retains a strong presence and her voice is layered with echoes, giving the track a light and airy feel despite its dominant rhythm.

The lyrics of ‘Secrets Untold’ are reflected in the building of instrumentation. While it begins with distant vocals and guitar, North slowly layers on piano, percussion, accompanying vocals, synth tones, and classical instrumentation as if she’s peeling away where she hides her secrets and shattered soul.

The final track, ‘The Last Goodbye,’ is completely stripped down with only the clarity of her voice to carry the song, the piano gently colouring the background. Written as a letter to a lost lover, she completely owns it, lacking any echoes and backing vocals.

Featured on radio stations around the country, including BBC 3, performing around London, and cited as an Emerging Icon, North soon won’t be an anonymous singer-songwriter anymore.

‘Gather and Run’ EP is available on iTunes.||

Written by Brittany Burns

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