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Review | Trumaine Lamar – ‘Analog Digital’ (EP)

Analog Digital, is the second soulful splendour to add to the discography of the Nebraska born, Florida based melodic whirlwind, Trumaine Lamar.

Lamar’s newest EP has brought a fresh and innovative perspective to what most would call modern R&B. The Analog Digital compilation is sophisticated and rich with Lamar’s own morality. Yet all the while, the record remains relatable and at times incredibly sensual in appeal.

The EP kicks off with Lamar’s pitch shifted vocals over the tricked-out, futuristic sounds of producer Aaron Himphead James. The introductory snippet “A.D” is less than a minute in length, yet captures the overall essence of the material to follow without any sense of duplication.

For the main course, Lamar invites long time musical associate and friend, producer Brandon* to help frame the remaining six tracks that complete Analog Digital. The two begin work with an upbeat groove titled “Believer” in which Lamar seeks the redemption of a heart he had once broken. Parallel to it’s title, the track contains subtle references to Lamar’s faith: “If love is God and God is love, then you turned your back on way more than what you thought it was”.

Lamar often points out that his musical path began in the church choir under the directorship of his Mother. It’s evident that gospel components are often apparent in Lamar’s message, even in a secular approach. “Slow Motion” furthers his noble intentions, yet is cloaked in the sultry rhythm of Brandon* on production, paired with Lamar’s inviting tune. It holds a ‘best served after dark’ type vibe.

Alongside Lamar is Boston Rapper Lexx Black to help pick up the pace with the retro rumpus “80’s Baby”. The track is jam-packed 80’s flashback and includes an incredible vocal performance by Lamar upon it’s close. “Copy and Paste” is another great collaboration featuring Chrissie Ash on the counter perspective duet.

So if you’re one for substance and soul, ‘Analog Digital’ is not to be missed!

Check out his latest single ‘Girlfriend available to stream on Soundcloud.

Purchase his first EP ‘ Things I should’ve Told her’ from Bandcamp‎ ||

Written by Jessica Ankomah

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