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Review | Charlotte Turnbull reveals brand new multi-layered single Sundown

After making waves by appearing on The Voice last year, Surrey-based singer Charlotte Turnbull has returned with a new single, Sundown.

The R&B-inspired track makes excellent use of looping vocals to create a multi-layered audio experience. Turnbull’s voice is both sweet and husky, soaring over the melody and delivering a chorus that’s repetitive enough to be memorable but not enough to be annoying.

Lyrically, the song casts a cynical and despairing eye over the state of contemporary youth in urban areas. The young songwriter has a definite political musing to her work, concerning herself with the shortcomings of her generation to a grooving beat. The behaviour of “kids” worries her, as they “don’t know what love is now,” or act big by “carrying knives”.

The compulsory R&B rap breakdown around halfway through feels like it could be cut, however, as its presence distracts from the rest of the song. Turnbull’s sweet, soaring voice does not favour awkwardly spat-out rhymes, and the entire section sits uncomfortably against the gently jangling background synths.

Written by James Cullen

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