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REVIEW | Danni Jackson releases stunning debut EP ”W.D.K.Y”

The songwriting and production on W.D.K.Y is something to be amazed by, as the Brighton based singer/songwriter releases an outstanding debut EP. The overall sound of the 5 track EP is stuck in between both pop and contemporary R&B with elegant layers of indie music , which creates a sound that suits Danni’s vocals well.

W.D.K.Y opens with the catchy first single “We Ain’t Got Love” – a perfect introduction for people who have not heard Danni before. Although the songs content is about heartbreak and unfaithfulness from a partner, the production here is bright as Danni pours her emotions.

At first the title track “W.D.K.Y” sounds similar to a DJ Mustard-like production opening, but it switches up brilliantly into a soaring pop/alternative R&B sound. Danni then expresses her needs on “Three” as she sings “I’m not afraid to admit I’m a woman, with needs/And I like what I see/So, on the count of three/Get on your knees” over a soulful production.

“Fall” is the standout track on the EP, Danni is at her very best here both lyrically and vocally, the production gradually builds up from a laid back piano ballad sound into a thumping melodic drum that immediately catches the listeners attention as the singer affectionally admits she’s ready to fall in love.

The EP closes with the catchy “Beggar” as she sings “I don’t mind the storm and the rain/I know you’ll pick me up again” – by the end of the song the listener is left craving for more, a great way to close a debut EP as it builds anticipation for the next release.

Danni Jackson’s debut EP is genuine and most young women can relate to the songs entirely produced by Phocus Beats. A breath of fresh air if you’re looking for something different than the typical style of music you often hear.

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