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Review |Elbow – The Takeoff and Landing of Everything (album)

Elbow brings an adventurous and unique touch to their 6th studio album The Takeoff and Landing of Everything, which blends a range of multiple instruments to reinstate their warm Northern England sound.

The expansiveNew York morning’ delivers you into the city in early morning, with hopes and ideas spanning from the skyscrapers and buildings.

Although Elbow explores different avenues and the sound marries well in well structured songs, it is not much different to earlier albums, following on the same route of concept instead of rhythm. ‘Real Life’ and Honey Sun’, tracks 5 and 6 of the album sound like fillers as they pass you by.  Garvey’s voice however, lingers and wraps around the album melodiously.

Without doubt the stand out song, which reverberates the album and brings it forward is My Sad Captains’, a passionate lyrical ballad which tells the story of previous drinking friends and how people have moved on throughout their lives, but the song is powerful and carries weight with the piano laying much of the emphasis and drums which echo out. Garvey’s voice is perfect as he tells the tale, floating softly over the top. Another aspect of this song is the trumpets which resonate and add a fanfare feel to the song, ensuring the listen “a perfect waste of time”.

The title track is also interesting blending rhythms with a wall of noise sure to deliver to festival friendly audiences.

Ultimately the album is let down by album fillers in parts but there are some magical moments and its focusing on the special moments and the quality of the sound produced which remains endearing to fans, who are sure to receive a festival friendly welcome of truly British alt rock.

‘The Takeoff and Landing of Everything (album)’ is available on iTunes.

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