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Review | Ezzy Anya ‘Dream’ (EP)



Regular, normal, the usual, middle of the road, staying in your lane. In a musical context all of these are perfectly ok, as long as they are done well. As I have previously said, the industry such as it is dictates just that. We can all very easily name examples of when this has happened…. and we can all name examples of when the opposite is the case. With her ‘Dream’ EP, Ezzy Anya isn’t breaking moulds but is casting nice music in those that already exist.

Many of today’s top current talent seem to have a kink in their voice. A lazy style, a slightly off kilter flow or a stylised slur to differentiate themselves from their peers. Ezzy’s voice is one of clarity and simplicity. Don’t get it twisted this girl can ‘saing’, but she does it without complication. Even her runs are 200m sprints and not the vocal 3000m steeplechases that many like to contest. Hopefully this is something that won’t change over time (see: possible rise to prominence).

With beats provided by Aaron Paul (no not him…. or is it?), all three major bases are covered. The kick driven, stuttering hi hat laced slow jam, ‘One Kiss‘ will appeal to many. The title track ‘Dream‘, complete with a sleepy synth and lullaby melody, leans towards being corny and annoying but is actually a very nice listen when the song is in full flow. The airy electro summer cruise, ‘Tell Him‘, is the definite standout and would sit very nicely on anyone’s essential summer playlist.

As nice as it all is though, I was still waiting for more oomph as the last song was reaching its climax. At only three songs deep, I can only hope that there is an album on its way as It is ridiculously easy for artists like Ezzy, to get lost in a well stocked pack.The ‘Dream’ EP though, is proof that moulds don’t have to be broken for a genre to sound refreshing and current. Very very short and lacking a little spice but hopefully this is the start of much much more.|||

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