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Review | Puppet Rebellion – ‘No Means Yes (EP)

WOW. Not a lot of reviews start with the word wow, but Puppet Rebellions EP ‘No Means Yes’ is not only superb, it’s also an enjoyable release. The EP has a good collection of radio friendly songs that doesn’t come across as ‘watered down’ or generic.
No Means Yes kicks off with the best song on the EP ‘Pirouette’ which sets the tone for the EP, then slows down with the emotional ‘Cupboards Painted Red’ a song that shows just how versatile the band can be, tackling a subject that is often overlooked in todays society – domestic violence.

‘Loners In Disguise’ is a moody song with a positive undertone (if you interpret it the right way). The following track ‘Green Eyed Monster’ sounds like it could be a fan favourite with it’s energetic and fast beat which makes you want to tap your feet for 2 minutes and go crazy! Finally the Cai Caslavinieri remix of ‘Chemical Friends’ is excellent and a great way to get their fans involved in a competiton that allows the winner to remix one of their songs.

No Means Yes is out 25th February. A highly recommended download. Expect the band to achieve big things this year.

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