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Review | Sarah Bollinger – ‘Both/And’ (album)

With her debut album ‘Both/And’ released last month, Sarah Bollinger is a breath of fresh air and an inspiration for modern female R&B/Soul artists.

St.Louis-born Sarah Bollinger, was scooped up by Tony Esterly from Shockcity Studios in St.Louis in 2012. Her songs are full of justice, loving imperfection and full of soul. Due to her unique sound she released ‘Both/And’ as a digital release and vinyl record. This goes to show her classic style of music and class.

Bollinger was accompanied by her ‘Funky Butt’ brass band of whom are all locals of St.Louis. They include Adam Hucke on the trumpet, Erin Chandler on the trombone and Ben Reece playing the saxophone. Also featuring on the album is Kevin Bower on the drum kit.

Although, she has not made it to the big venues you can always find her performing at bars and events in, and around St.Louis. Sarah is passionate about her music, but also does a lot of humanitarian work in Moxambique when she is not creating in the recording studio, which only serves to add even more soul and passion to each note. Sarah herself coins her style perfectly by saying that her music has a “Soulful-female stevie wonder kinda vibe going on”. With such elegance comes an appeal to everyone – she is music to ears and eyes – no matter what generation the listener.|||

Written by George Crowther

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