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Review | She’s got the river unveils multi faceted rhythmic debut album Landfall

She’s got the river is a duet that works as an antidote to a lot of hardcore bass or rhythm intense bands out there at the moment. Tunes from their debut album Landfall, released last month, follow a relaxed folk, soft rock style.

It’s easy to hear the many influences band members Sigal Kellermann and Chris Palmer draw on for their music. Both musicians write the songs and play a range of instruments, as well as being inspired by a lot of different artists. This is heard through the range of styles that leap out of a track at the listener every so often.

She got herListening to the album you are constantly playing the game of ‘ooo that sounds like’. In the first track, Afterglow, there is a pure Beatles moment, focusing on that ’60s soft rock sound. Other music mentioned as having influenced the tunes range from King Crimson to Elbow. And this is something very noticeable in the tunes, with your ears switching from jazz to indie rock mode and a lot in between. A band Kellermann and Palmer also say has an impact on their writing is Genesis. This mix of folk and calming rock is one of the main elements heard in She’s got the river. Also mirroring how the lyrics are given prime importance as they cut through the accompanying, flowing guitar phrases.

The duet show some brilliant chorus writing, breaking into rock anthem style with volume and enthusiasm. But this duo mostly stands out for it’s pure and unadulterated instrumentation. With just two people in a band it can be easy to over compensate by adding pedals and effects. However the appeal of She’s got the river is that it remains calm and musically uncluttered through each song.

One track, Phoenix, starts in such a calm and relaxed way it’s hard not to picture a Disney film. The intro especially seems to cover the moment where two characters who after all the exhausting trials and tribulations packed into a film, have a nice chilled slow dance.

This musical twosome counter the difficulty in answering the question ‘what is your favourite type of music?’. While everyone has go-to styles, people will  usually choose a type based on their mood. And with She’s got the river’s very soft rock, vocal focused tunes, they depict a tranquil mood not a singular style.

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