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Review | Tony Blaize releases brand new single Hurry

Tony Blaize sure has a smooth and emotive voice. On Hurry, it soars over the delicate instrumentation to deliver a heartfelt plea to the loved one he might just have lost.

Hailing from London, Blaize spent his 2015 performing with Sway on 1Xtra’s Live Lounge and on Radio 1’s Big Weekend. He’s ending his busy year on a high note with the release of his debut effort Be About It, a 6-track EP of which Hurry is the first single.

Having listened to the entire album, I find Hurry a curious choice for a lead single. In an EP chock full of eclectic influences – from the unconventional acoustic guitar riff that’s layered over the choir of the title track and opening song to the chill out vibes of Nine to 5 – Hurry stands out as the slowest and most straightforward number. It’s a straight up ballad in the classic soul tradition.

But Hurry isn’t just a run of the mill ballad. The music is incredibly evocative, and effortlessly conjures up images of romance and roses, despite the heartbreaking theme. Blaize’s voice is replete with a subtlety and depth of emotion that drive the surprisingly catchy hook home.

All in all, Hurry’s a great introduction to Blaize’s unique voice. But try to pigeon-hole him at your own risk, as there’s much more to him than this.

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