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Review | Veridia – Inseperable

Veridia are pretty newly formed and have been making waves in America as of late in the Electronic music scene. The premise of their (as their PR describes) Alternative Rock/Electronic hybrid sounds pretty interesting on paper, therefore it is only natural that you might be intrigued by their first effort.

The best way to describe this EP would be that mainstream Pop record that doesn’t want to be mainstream. Sure, every single vital ingredient for a catchy chart Pop tune is in this album track by track, especially the hooks and choruses, but Veridia’s concept may strike you as more of a Disney version of Fear Factory, as their lyrics and album art strongly suggest with the whole space age concept. The track  “Mechanical Planet” showcases all these elements and even at times sounds kind of like something Shirley Manson could have come up with.

It is obvious that this band know very well how to draw listeners in and write catchy songs (“Disconnected” would easily be a radio hit), but the only criticism I really have of this EP is that the Electronic influence kind of overrides the Rock influence a little too much. All Veridia now need to do is find the perfect balance between both by the time they record their debut album and they could be on to something. This is still not a bad first effort, however.

By Greg Hudson