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Review | Robbie Sea – ‘Through the hoop’ (EP)

Robbie Sea


Essex singer-songwriter Robbie Sea, returns with a six-track EP ‘Through the Hoop’ and quite frankly, it’s really rather good…

Balancing bouncy anthems and brooding songwriting is no mean feat, but Robbie Sea’s ‘Through the Hoop‘ accomplishes it with ease. Beginning with spirited lead single ‘Levitates’, the singer-songwriter’s sophomore release races by with a subtle but contagious energy. ‘Levitates‘ itself boasts perhaps the year’s most infectious guitar alongside a chorus that you’ll be singing for days to come.

‘Drug of Choice’ is another huge summer track yet one with a message; that of the dangers of addiction. Straddling the line between seriousness and accessibility, this really is the EP’s greatest strength and an obstacle many artists fail to overcome. ‘Drug of Choice‘ is also a chance for Rob Clemson (former drummer for Essex metal band, Fei Comodo) to showcase his outstanding vocals. The high notes on this track in particular are exceptional as is the rapid-fire, almost whispered delivery of each verse. Clemson’s vocal tone, reminiscent of Patrick Stump (of Fall Out Boy fame) and of Panic at the Disco’s Brendon Urie, borrows the flamboyance of those vocalists, supplementing it with his own quirky angst and an audible hunger for success.

‘People go crazy when they fall in love’ Robbie croons on ‘Lethal Mind Traps‘, revealing a quivering vulnerability in his inflection. The tracks second verse really is the definition of intense. ‘Lethal Mind Traps‘ is also a great example of expert use of backing vocals, creating some of the smoothest and most soulful harmonies of the year so far.

The EP’s title suggests that Clemson jumps through hoops for no-one but himself, a stance embodied in ‘Corporatocracy’ and ‘Stand in Line’. And while the former is slightly heavy-handed, ‘Stand in Line’ is a powerful call to arms.

‘Through the Hoop’ is another solid addition to Robbie Sea’s growing discography, solidifying the Essex singer-songwriter as one to watch for the future. While his views on the industry may not do him any favours in gaining radio spins, the calibre of his music is undeniable. On ‘Levitates’ he admits that it will take time, and while the single itself is clearly an immediate hit, the EP is no doubt a grower, improving with every listen.||||

Written by Jack O’Neill

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