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Review | Rushil – ‘Oscillations’ (LP)

Oscillations’ is the debut album to come from talented singer-songwriter, Rushil. The 13-track LP tackles personal themes and emotional qualms in a well balanced, relatable style.

Album opener ‘Better Alone‘ is a gentle and moving piece of music, lead by Rushil’s gruff croons. It’s a short one and half minute introduction track that has an undertone of sadness and mystery throughout, yet as the album progresses, the track becomes out of place.

As the album properly kicks in with ‘Celebrate The Day‘ the true sound that Rushil is proudly making a stamp on is revealed. The rock style backing and steady drum beat guides to a chorus, which is memorable and appealing.

Rushil’s gravelly vocals definitely give the tracks a certain edge. The sound is so emotionally raw and achey that it’s hard not to be concerned. It’s not off putting or overly worrying, in fact it lends to the tracks in perfect unison and lingers on even when the music has ended.

Stand-out and title track, ‘Oscillations‘ is a piano led number, that hints at the likes of The Fray and Coldplay with its emotive bite. Rushil’s songwriting is beautiful and critical to the wealth of emotion, he undoubtedly wants listeners to feel. If one thing should be said, it’s that Rushil’s sound is quite conventional in that it follows simple structures, that work well, but seem safe. The big, catchy choruses are successful, but some tracks do blend into one another.

A relatable musical affair that flirts alongside stunning lyricism and skilled musicianship, to create an, at times, predictable but well-rounded debut album.

Oscillations is available on iTunes |||

Written by Bryony Curtis

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