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Review | Sanura – ‘View from the Q’ (EP)

Sanura’s newly released EP ‘View from the Q‘ displays a sort of purity that could only exist within an untainted artist, one that is yet to hit her career peak.

It is a six track splendour of soulful, sensual, radiance revealing the hopeful spirit of a Virginia vocalist trying her luck in NYC. The record begins with a mid-paced ballad titled ‘Higher’. It’s production on intro may trigger a little Snoop ‘Sensual Seduction’ type déjà vu, but Sanura quickly intercepts all distractions with a voice so silky smooth she’d make a candle lit dinner seem amateur.

Working the undefined intersection of R&B, Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop and Jazz, ‘View From The Q‘ consistently projects a relaxed and inviting aura that’ll surely draw in crowds. But it’s these particular genres, that demand eligible content and will determine how many listeners stick around.

Sanura’s alluring tone resides somewhere between Aaliyah and Amel Larrieux, but lyrically there is much work to be done. Theres’s only so many times an artist should be allowed to rhyme a word with the exact same word.

All in all ‘View From The Q’ is a charming experience. The record is jam packed with positivity and heart. Keep an ear out for ‘6 days’, it’s melody is so addictive, it has got to be hit-worthy. If you are one for big voices and dramatic finales, ‘Fly Free‘ is the track for you. Sanura posseses a huge amount of potential, but not quite yet a main event. |

Written by Jessica Ankomah

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