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Sebastopol: Hello All Stations, This is Sebastopol.

London based post-punk, or is that alternative rock band, Sebastopol formed in 2010 under quite unique circumstances. The previous year, Nick Powell (lead singer & bass guitar) found himself marooned in the North Atlantic whilst filming a television documentary.

Understandably, Powell experienced an overall feeling of helplessness which prompted him to write around the theme of being lost at sea.The band also features Phil Richards (guitar) and Tom Standage (drums) and together they released their debut album ‘Hello All Stations, This Is Zero‘ in 2012.

The band name when put into the Google search engine could be a town on the fringe of Ballarat, VIC in Australia, instead it is reportedly taken from the open D guitar tuning exclusively used by Richards on all Sebastopol recordings, which takes its name from the traditional song ‘The Siege Of Sebastopol’.

The band released their new single ‘The Hateful Mob‘ earlier this year, lifted from their debut album. It is just the latest offering for a band that has been referred to as a modern, darker re-boot of The Police. With their sparse and atmospheric sound it isn’t hard to see the comparison, with Sebastopol incorporating elements of dub, post-punk, gothic dream pop and even 1970s French rock into their overall sound. They are a band ahead of their time and not quite like any other band out there at the moment.

The band will be playing a show in Cardiff next weekend (August 31) alongside Luci Vernon and Ellie Makes Music at the very intimate venue of The Royal Oak Hotel. The event will also be filmed and broadcast via  . Sebastopol is also planning a very special vintage themed promotional night in London on September 26.|||

Written by Maggie Sapet

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