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Review | Jones Jnr – ‘The Soultape’ (Album)

Jones Jnr. (aka Evan Jones) and DJ Morgs (Morgan Jones), who are related only by their love of soul music, have released their debut album The Soultape.

‘You And Me Were Meant To Be’ introduces the album with a deliberately delayed start, and quickly transcends into a full-on, smooth mover of a track. One half of Jones Jnr. and vocalist Evan Jones, provides the silky vocal tones that layer above the effortlessly cool beats by co-member Morgan Jones.

The duo’s love for old-school soul and classic Hip-hop is evident throughout the album. The Soultape is thematically orientated towards love and relationships. An unimaginative direction within popular music today. But Jones Jnr. approach each track with genuine passion, lending well to the overall soul vibe of the album.

The highlight of the album ‘Sad Song’ actually makes a cheerful appearance despite its title. Although lyrically focusing on sadness, its at this point on The Soultape that a bit of variety is needed. The inclusion of chilled hip-hop beats signal a pause in the soul sound that is prominent throughout the album.

As the album progresses, tracks begin to blend into one another, with songs only just reaching the two minute mark. Each song is over almost too soon, which disguises the monotony. The appropriately named album closer ‘Goodbye’ begins with distorted speech, reminiscent of an old television broadcast.

Whilst adding a contemporary twist, Jones Jnr. has created an album of short but sweet, delectable packages that casually stream from one to the next. Each track continually gives a warm nod to the bygone era of classic soul that Jones Jnr. seem to favour so fondly. Its evident Jones Jnr appreciate soul music, which they so skillfully execute. |

Written by Bryony Curtis

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