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Review | Stephanie Nicole – ‘Voices’ (EP)

Stephanie Nicole’s newly released EP “Voices” might have better suited the title – Voice; there’s nothing much that’s plural about it.

Holistic health activist and singer/songwriter Stephanie Nicole preaches self love, acceptance of others and positive philosophy throughout the May released EP ‘Voices‘. And it’s clear Nicole intends well, yet all the while proving intentions aren’t everything.

Stephanie Nicole is a musician with a motto – Music is healing. The four participating tracks, each sounding alike, have an unfinished air about them. What sounds to be an attempt at live music vibes, result in exaggerated vocal reverb and overbearing instrumentals, the product of composer/manager Classroom Craig. But besides the lack of variety and poorly mixed production, ‘Voices’ the EP still manages undeniable relevance in terms of content, “Surround them with love, good health and some land to range” an excerpt from track two, ‘Buddha In Aruba‘.

It’s early days for Nicole, who only recently made the transition from performing cover tracks to those of her own. In the search (and struggle) to find an identity and exclusive sound, Stephanie Nicole has taken the sort of risks that could potentially lead to her success. Voices might not appeal to everyone, but the right ears will find its worth.  | |

Written by Jessica Ankomah

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