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The importance of longevity in the music industry

This year has seen so many musical comebacks, with many iconic artists returning with new music after many years out of the game. Only a handfull of musicians have been able to pull off a successful comeback and stay relevant to today’s audience.

This year, has seen many music legends releasing new music; the first being David Bowie who released his 24th studio album ‘The Next Day’ in March. The album rocketed to the top of 19 album charts around the world, and has even been nominated for the 2013 Mercury Music Prize. This was Bowie’s first album in 10 years. Bowie is now in his sixth decade of releasing music.

Another singer who has made a recent, long-awaited return is Cher, much like Bowie, she has been in the music industry since the 60’s. In October, Cher released her 25th album ‘Closer To The Truth’, 12 years after her last release. The album reached the top 5 on both the UK and US album charts.

One main reason in which artists like David Bowie and Cher continue to have success, is the level of suspense or the amount of time between the artists’ releases, which cause a buzz amongst their long-standing fans. One thing that any musician or band strives on when they enter the music industry, is longevity, and staying power with their audiences. To be able to continue to put out albums and have global admiration, requires a great deal of hard work. Also making sure that they are able to keep delivering a high quality of music to their fans, that would have been following them ever since their debut release, who will hopefully continue to support them.

Essentially, these artists stay relevant by not straying away from what makes them who they are, as an artist. It’s a tricky balancing act and only a certain few have managed to have successful records, over the space of many decades. Artists like Sir Paul McCartney and Sir Elton John have continuously stuck to a similar genre of music throughout their careers, and this is no exception with their 2013 releases. By doing this, fans are given what they want, and come to expect from the artist, which gives them more incentive to continue to support and purchase their albums/singles.

This isn’t always necessary, however, certain acts continuously release music with an alternative musical style, but their songs remain of high quality.  Even in today’s crowded market, some of the most legendary artists have managed to remain true and loyal to their fanbase, and continue to have great success.

Written by Harry Towse

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