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Review | The Vallures – ‘The Vallures’ (Album)

The Vallures are Redefining Retro. Just when you thought Mowtown had been pushed adrift from the music scene, swimming strongly back to shore are the sounds of ‘The Vallures’ with their newly released album ‘The Vallures’.

This mostly female 60s R&B soul band from Bloomington, Indiana really redefine the meaning of retro soul. Jes, Libby, Mere, Laura, Dani and Andrew are all influenced by totally different genres from salsa to punk making their music as The Vallures so unique; but also somehow familiar at the same time as it brings together all of the best parts of a huge variety of genres into one sound.

The funky group are a spectacle to watch with matching dresses and over the top beehive hairstyles (obviously apart from Andrew), reminiscent of the era of the genre. However, the difference between the Vallures and the similar groups in the 60s is that The Vallures have managed to keep the essence of the genres’ vibe alive, while at the same time creating a sound that is current and modern with an air of sex appeal and attitude, that will keep you moving throughout the night.

It seemed inevitable that the lead singer Jessica Franco would end up in this genre of music as she tells Youtube that Mowtown and soul was the “soundtrack of her childhood” with inspirations such as The Temptations and The Supremes. Luckily for us, she was able to find a wonderful ensemble to accompany her rustic voice. They are musical feminists and really show their audience that female groups aren’t strictly for the pop world – they can all play an instrument and provide their own backing vocals to Jessica – they are the whole package.

Starting in March 2010 they were strictly covers but since then they have released their first album ‘The Vallures’ on 30th August 2013, which was actually released as a vinyl, with three of their own original tracks – ‘Repossession Man’, ‘Surf Song’ and ‘Dance! Before the Police Come!’.|

Written by George Crowther

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