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UK Music Skills New academy to improve access to jobs in the music industry


The launch of the UK Music Skills Academy, is set to improve access to jobs in the music industry and career prospects for potential young executives, wanting a career in the music industry.

The new academy is part of the National Skills Academy for Creative & Cultural skills. UK Music CEO Jo Dipple said “The Academy will act as the vital link between the music industry and educators”.

She added, “There are thousands of different jobs in the music industry, from marketing new artists with an innovative digital strategy to rigging lights at a gig. These jobs are hugely prized and the purpose of our Skills Academy is to provide alumni with all the necessary tools to ensure they are at the front of the queue when music businesses are looking for new talent.”

The academy will build a base enabling the music industry to engage directly with skills and training providers. Music businesses will now be able to directly influence the training of their future workforce, this will help create an easier method for employers looking to recruit apprentices. Music Companies will have the opportunity to influence both the content and delievery of Academy courses and lectures, to ensure they are up to date and tailored to the specific needs of the industry.

This will be the first-industry led Academy, to make a vigorous attempt at improving the recruitment practises in the music business. Members of the Academy, will enable a wide variety of pathways for its students – including course-led work experience, apprenticeships and paid internship programmes – this making it easier for young people from various backgrounds to enter the music industry.

Creative & Cultural Skills Chairman, and Live Nation International COO Paul Latham has taken on the new role of Patron of the UK Music Skills Academy.

Latham said, “...we need to find and encourage a new and diverse workforce that will keep driving our industry forward and the UK Music Skills Academy will do that. It is tailored to the specific skills needs of the music industry, ensuring its students will graduate with the best chance of a rewarding job within it.”

He adds: “The UK puts on some of the best live music concerts and festivals in the world because the people working behind the stage on rigging, lighting and sound are some of the most talented and experienced in their field. It is the same with people working at record labels, management companies, publishers or anywhere else in the music industry.They are a fantastically creative workforce”.

Young people will have the opportunity to apply for apprenticeships at record labels, recording studios, management groups, promoters, and audio suppliers who have all signed up to the inititaive. Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music, Live Nation and Britannia Row, and many others, have already begun to support this Academy.

The Academy’s educational partner BRIT School, University of Hertfordshire and The Backstage Academy, will offer students opting for further and high education, a chance to benefit from master-classes and expert guidance from Senior Executives currently working in the music business.

The Academy outlines:

· launch a new UK Music Apprenticeship scheme suitable for a wide range of companies from record labels to collection societies with access to grants of up to £2000 through the Creative Employment Programme

· work with employers and Creative & Cultural Skills to develop a new range of technical music apprenticeships

· create a national network of skills and training partners

· establish an annual Skills Festival featuring work shops and an awards ceremony

· run a UK Music Summer School for Academy students

· allow students access to UK Music’s network of 14 rehearsal spaces for special artist and industry events

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