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Review | Western Jaguar – ‘Glacia’ (Album)

Western Jaguar’s debut album ‘Glacia’ starts us off with a unique and quirky track ‘Darby’. The song builds up from a chilling guitar melody to an all-encompassing, introduction of the keyboard and a military beat of a snare.  This song, along with all of Canadian born Jaguar’s songs has this alternative slant and in their own way, as well as sticking to this Indie Rock/Adult Alternative genre, has it’s own individual and distinctive style.

A perfect example of this is ‘Karoo Mammals’. The track starts with an electronic feel and gradually progresses into a rock song, backed  by an electric guitar solo and heavy drums.  This is a standout track; a terrifically interesting and wonderful track.

Jaguar has a very sombre theme running throughout this album, as all of the songs are quite intense.  His vocals alongside the rollercoaster of deep and dark sounds makes the audience fall into this wonderful song trap, engaging them in all of the emotions conveyed within the lyrics.

It is hard to pinpoint some of the sounds that inspire Jaguar.  However, from listening closely to all of the songs, you can hear sounds relating to Bon Iver, with the powerful intro’s to the songs. Trainor’s unusually tranquil voice and Foals, blends well with electronic and alternative musical styles. At the young age of 21, Western Jaguar is someone to be admired, as he has created a whole new realm of music.

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Written by Emma Beaumont

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