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Why have Tribes announced their split after just four years?

Tribes announced their split following four years and two albums of lamenting indie music; have they exhausted their talents already?

Tribes tweeted on the 7th November: “Thank you to everyone who supported us along the way. We are proud of what we achieved together. You gave us the best four years of our lives so far.” But no mention of a reason as to why they have split, are solo careers calling already? Did Tribes exhaust their collective talents with their first album, Baby?

Baby, was a hit on the indie scene; each track had its audience enduring an emotion evoking narrative and variety of melancholic tones and chords. Johnny Lloyd’s voice complimented the music effortlessly, but unfortunately, it seems the effort was entirely withdrawn for their follow up album Wish to Scream.

Comparing the two albums it seems as though they had expected their success to carry them through, throwing together the recipe they’d previously formulated only to spew out monotonous music they appear to have no heart in.

It’s always disheartening to see artists that had so much promise after a successful first album are so easy to collapse. This split might indicate the importance in artists being aware of the necessity to develop and grow, absorbing and bouncing off other emerging talents rather than allowing themselves to absorb in to themselves and their own talent.

Of course the true reason for their split could be anything as simple as “musical differences”, regardless, I somehow don’t feel this will be the penultimate end for Tribes band members.

Written by Maya Kellermann

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